Writers’ Profile

Kuwait City – South Surra
Date of birth:
: AUK ( The American University of Kuwait ) Student
Football , Web Design , Photoshop , reading and Islam
Music :
Mulla Basim Alkarblai

My Goalz :

–  Play in Old Trafford !!
– Finish college ” AUK ”
– Get a Desk Job !!
– Spend 500kd in The Manchester United Mega Store !!
– Visit ” Emam al Hussain ” in Karbalaa
–  Have Fun all the time ..  😀 !


: Kuwaiti
Location: Illinois + Colorado + Virginia + Nevada + The U.K + Kuwait
D.O.B: June 21st, 1989
Occupation: Student at the University of Illinois
Interests: Footy (soccer), writing, recording stuff, Movies and TV shows.
Music: If it’s not Basim, it’s not worth listening to.
Movies: Check out Movie Freeze with Bo 3azez


  • I currently study in the U.S. (finance + marketing)
  • I love traveling (road trips specially)
  • Ambition is my best friend and worst enemy.
  • FOOTBALL (soccer) is the best sport in the world. I follow it everyday, and play at every chance (Forza Fylako F.C.)
  • I also enjoy tennis, swimming, racquet ball, and I’m willing to try any sport.
  • My favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption.
  • Inspirational Quote: “Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free”

My dreams and goal:

  • Harvard Business School.
  • Playing a game at Stamford Bridge.
  • Get interviewed on Late Night with Conan O’Brien
  • Own a football club?!

Get to know me from this brill blog.


Location Kuwait
Date of birth: Jan.20
Occupation: Office worker .
Interests: reading and movies.
Music : Classics .


· I like to read novels !!

· I watch TV a lot

· I work in shifts

My dreams and goal:

· Writing a bestselling novel .

· Going on a backpack journey ( specially with madreds ) .

· Traveling to Hawaii & the Maldives .

· Create a successful TV show .


Nationality: Kuwaiti
: Dublin, Ireland
: Sep.11
: HRM student
: sports: soccer <3, horse riding, kayaking, basketball, baseball, volleyball; literature; formative arts; philosophy; history & politics


Love learning about different cultures and religions

– I’m somewhat of a bookworm.. I’d choose books above almost anything else

– Enjoy cooking & baking

– crazy about children

– Human Rights is my current area of passion

– I’m a completely different person on a football pitch — soccer is another passion of mine ❤


– Publish my writing in books

– Successfully establish a positive youth’s movement in Kuwait

– Enter Kuwaiti Parliament

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