Book Review: Those Feet, by David Winner

After finishing David Winner’s book, Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football, which was a great read and one that I highly recommend. I then had to find out if Winner had any other football-related books. It’s just for the fact that Winner’s writing style can capture what many don’t, a well-known background (and knowledge) of what an author is talking about or presenting. And when you’re writing a book that is both a history book and a football-related book, you have to be both a fan and a historian, Winner is both!

I’ve found out that not only Winner’s other football-related project is a book that explores both these genres, but a book that also talks about the history of English football, which I was a fan of. In his book, Those Feet: An Intimate History of English Football, Winner gives us a perfect showdown of the English football and its history. Winner talks about the humble roots of the English football, the banning era, and finally, the establishment of the premier league.

One of the best books that I’ve read, because not only this book talks about history and English football, which I love, but also has a fan/writer that can give you a perfect picture of the different times and periods that Winner discuss.

A great read, highly recommended!

Bo Ali

App Review: Instagram

Instagram is an application that gives you the advantage of editing and customizing the photos that you upload. So, in other words, this application is considered both an editing app and also a social network, where people can share their photos and post comments on them. I loved the way that you can edit the photos you upload, because the editing part is somewhat different from other applications, it’s a wonderful mixture between painting, customizing, filtering, and  fixing the photo you have.

I’m using this app from my iPhone and it’s simply great! give it a try.

Bo Ali

Review: The worst movie EVER made, The Last Godfather

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

اللهم صلِ على أشرف الخلق و المرسلين محمد و على آل بيته الطيبين الطاهرين

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته


قبل الدخول في تقريري المتعجرف .. يجب أن أرسم لكم الحالة التي أدت بنا إلى دخول مثل هذا الفلم المتعجرف! كنا أنا و بو جاسم نتحدث و النقاش حاضر و بقوة .. و عندما استخدم كلمة .. نقاش .. اعني بها الهواش و الجدال على مواضيع قد يراها البعض مملة .. كالقراءة و الكتب. لكننا دائماً كنا نتفق على مواضيع معينة .. و من هذه المواضيع .. جودة الأفلام الأمريكية .. فهذا الموضوع نتفق عليه .. فالأفلام الأمريكية تتمتع بجودة عالية جداً من ناحية القصة و التمثيل .. يتعدى ما قد يسميه البعض بالفن الكويتي !! و من هنا أعزائي الكرام كانت بداية نقاشنا .. بخصوص السينما الأمريكية و جودتها

و كعادة أي شاب كويتي .. عندما تأتي عطلة نهاية الأسبوع .. عقل هذا الشاب يترجم هذه الجملة إلى مكانين .. المطعم أو السينما .. و كعادتنا نحن .. اخترنا السينما طبعاً

كوننا عشاق للسينما الأمريكية .. كان اقتراحنا الأول هو دخول فلم بعنوان العراب الأخير .. فقط لوجود كلمة العراب .. فكلمة العراب تحتوي على قوة جذب لـ أي عاشق للسينما الأمريكية .. لأن هذا العاشق يربط هذه الكلمة مع أفلام العراب المشهورة

و كان هذا الاستنتاج و هذا القرار .. عبارة عن بداية لـ ليلة تعيسة جداً

الفلم بكل بساطة سيء جداً .. لا لا

فـ كلمة سيء جداً .. لا تكفي .. فالفلم لا يحتوي على قصة و لا جودة تمثيل ولا حتى على الأساسيات التمثيلية البسيطة التي يجب أن تكون موجودة في الأفلام الأمريكية

و المشكلة الأخرى .. هي أننا كنا نريد أن نخرج من السينما لكي نحمي عقولنا من الجنون و قلوبنا من الدمار .. و لكننا كنا نجلس في وسط الصف .. فلم نكن نستطع الخروج

هناك أفلام سيئة جداً تشاهدها فقط للعامل الكوميدي في الفلم .. و لكن هذا الفلم حتى العامل الكوميدي كان سيئاً و يؤدي إلى الحساسية

فلم سيئ سيئ سيء .. لا أنصح أي شخص عاقل بـ مشاهدة هذا الفلم .. و هنا أضع مليون خط تحت كلمة عاقل .. لأن العموم في الصالة عجبهم الفلم .. فـ هذا الأمر معناته .. يــــا أنا و بو جاسم مجانين و هم العقلاء .. أم نحن العقلاء و هم المجانين


تقبلوا تحياتيــــ

بو علي

Review: United

Being a true Manchester United fan, one must know the full history of the club. And with a club the size of Manchester United, there are many books to read and movies to watch. But there are always these exceptions that tell you exactly what happened and explore what other couldn’t explore.  From the humble beginnings as Newton Heath LYR Football Club to the famously known Munich air crash, we should know the history of our favorite club. I know there are many books that talk about United’s history and believe me I’ve read them all, but nothing matches the pure quality of a motion picture film that talks about one of United’s important moments, a moment that defined the club. This moment played a huge factor in motivating the later success of the club.

This moment was the Munich Air Crash in 1958.

And this movie shows us what happened that day for those who were involved. They were young and talented bunch of players that were on the course of their local and international success. Many considered them to be the future of the nation. The accident happened, when the British European Airways Flight 609 crashed on its third attempt to take off.

A well put movie by the BBC that any Manchester United fan should see. To be honest with you, any fan of the beautiful game should see this movie.

A perfect 10/10 !!

Bo Ali

Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

Note: This movie did not come out yet in Kuwait (I saw it in London) so I’ll try to write a spoiler-free review (as much as I can).

One can say that he is Marvel’s Superman but with a boring origin story, and that’s true. Captain America is one of the flagship characters in the Marvel universe and this is one of Marvel’s biggest superhero movie in 2011. Having said that, it was simply a FAIL. Although I’ve read many of his storylines in comics, I can’t say that I’m a Captain America fan, I just don’t see what interesting in this character.

They’ve used the original boring origin story for this movie, which is the super soldier angle.. I was afraid they would do that because it was a boring storyline in the comics and it would be much worse in a live action movie. It’s a boring origin story and come to think of it, most of Marvel’s characters have boring origin stories. Captain America was no different.

And I don’t know why, but I felt throughout the movie, this feeling that this one and half hour movie is just a cameo for Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster The Avengers.

All in all, a very boring origin story with a character that I never liked. 3/10. Three points is for the Tommy Lee Jones’s acting and some of the action scenes.

Review: Green Lantern

Being the comic book fan and reader (nerd) that I am, I could not resist not going to this movie. I’ve been a huge fan of the Green Lantern’s comics and read most of the famous storylines. So basically I came prepared and excited to see this new incarnation of the character.

Just Truth and I, have different tastes when it comes to movies, I love any comic book related superhero movie, and he doesn’t! And the Green Lantern movie wasn’t an exception! Truth did not like the movie and the awful VIP chairs did not help(360 mall)! ON THE OTHER HAND, I loved the movie and gave it a full, fat score! I’m a comic book reader so obviously I’m gona love and enjoy this movie, and I did!

Loved the story and the customs.. They chose their characters wisely and stuck with a lot of the comic book elements! Although they did change many things that were in the original GL origin story, they kept many things the way they are in the comics.

I might even buy more GL comics this summer just because how awesome this movie turned out to be! An amazing incarnation of this famous character! This movie deserves a full 10.. And ya b’cuz I’m a DC fan 🙂 ..

Next superhero movie: Captain America.. can’t wait!
Bo Ali

Book Review: First, Last and Only: Football

This book is for the hardcore football fans that want to increase their knowledge in their game. A little book, “First, Lasts, and Onlys: Football Facts from the last 150 years” is a book for the fans and written by a fan. Paul Donnelley is a huge fan of football and clearly, after reading his book, you’ll know and understand that this man knows his football and enjoys writing about it.

A fun read.. full of fun, interesting football facts that will be useful ..when bragging about knowing these facts, in front of your friends (you will be the only one who knows these facts).

You can find this book in Virgin Kuwait and other bookstores. Enjoy. Bo Ali

Review: X-Men: First Class

I’m not a Marvel guy but when a X-men movie comes out, I can’t resist not going to it. Although this movie is obviously not like the other X-men movies.. but it has most the action elements that any X-men movie or even comic has. It’s basically an origin story for the first class of X-men. Not exactly like the one in the comics but none the less, it’s an entertaining story.

All in all, a good action movie with some of the original comic book storyline. Loved the Wolverine’s cameo 🙂 I’ll give it a solid 8/10 ..


Up next is the Green Lantern movie 🙂 can’t wait!

Bo Ali



Reviewing LOST

For more than six years, LOST was the best thing that ever happened to me. I watched the show week after week, episode after another, and like many of you, consider the show to be the BEST TV show ever. I always wanted to watch the series again and now I’m gona do that with all of you guys. Not only we’re gona watch the show but also, review it. I’m will post a review for every four episodes and walk with you all throughout the series. We will begin with the first four episodes.

Review: THOR


بالرغم من اختيارنا لمقاعد الصفة الأولى .. إلا أننا خرجنا بفلم رائع نسبياً .. الفلم ” ثور ” أو آله الرعد .. ما هو إلا أسطورة خرافية تناقلتها الشعوب .. بالإضافة إلى كونها شخصية في كتب الكوميكز .. و بالأحرى .. مارفل كوميكز

و كعادة أفلام مارفل .. فلم مفعم بالأكشن و التركيز فقط على هذه المشاهد .. أغلب الأوقات تركز مارفل على الأكشن و تنسى القصة .. و هذا ما حدث مع أغلب شخصيات الشركة .. نرى الأكشن و لا نرى قصة تستحق القراءة .. أكبر مثال قصة شخصية سبايدر مان .. و عضة العنكبوت السخيفة .. شتان ما بين قصة باتمان الإسطورية الرائعة .. و عضة العنكبوت

ثور .. دائماً كانت شخصية ثانوية في الكوميكز لما تحتويه الشخصية من تناقضات كبيرة قد تقتل اي قصة.. بالإضافة إلى أنك لا تستطيع اي شخصية مقاومة شخصية ثور .. لأنها و بكل بساطة آله الرعد و بيده قوى خارقة .. و من هنا نرى ندرة مشاركته في الكوميكز .. لعدم وجود شخصية مقاومة له .. و هذه الصفات و التناقضات حاضرة في أغلب كتب مارفل

على العموم .. بالرغم من سطحية القصة .. إلا أن الفلم كان كما قلت مفعم بـ مشاهد الأكشن .. التي هي عبارة عن جرعة اكشن يعشقها كل شاب


أعطي الفلم و بكل استحقاق .. 5 من 10 .. لأنه كان يحتوي على مشاهد الأكشن التي أريدها .. لكن بدون قصة تستحق مشاهدة الفلم من اجلها


تقبلوا تحياتيـــ

بو علي

[Book Review] Alone in Berlin

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

اللهم صلِ على أشرف الخلق و المرسلين محمد و على آل بيته الطيبين الطاهرين

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

القراءة عنصر أساسي و طبيعي في دمي .. فـ من خلال القراءة أرى العالم .. و لكنني دايماً أحبذ قراءة الكتب المعلوماتية و هي التي تحتوي على المعلومة .. و لا أحبذ قرائة الرواية .. هناك طبعاً استثناءات عديدة .. و هذه الرواية أستطيع أن اصفها على أنها رواية إستثنائية بكل تأكيد

Alone In Berlin. By Hans Fallada

قصة رائعة عن أب يفقد ولده خلال الحرب العالمية الثانية .. و وسط معمعة الحرب يريد هذا الأب الحزين الإنتقام لموت ولده المأساوي .. قصة درامية رائعة تحتوي على العديد من الأحداث الغير متوقعة

كنت دائماً أمل عندما أقرأ رواية درامية .. لكن من خلال هذه الرواية .. رويت عطشي الأبدي لقراءة كل ما يتعلق بالحرب العالمية الثانية بالإضافة إلى قراءة قصة درامية مثيرة

بالإضافة إلى أن هذا الكتاب عزيز علي .. لأن قصة شرائي لهذا الكتاب .. قصة سـ تكون خالدة في قلبي و حياتي دوماً

قراءة رائعة .. و كتاب يستحق الشراء

كتابي القادم

Beastly Fury: The Strange Birth of British Football

و هو عبارة عن كتاب يروي تاريخ كرة القدم الإنجليزية .. منذ بدايتها المتواضعة و إلى يومنا هذا .. أتوقع أنني سـ أستمتع بقراءة هذا الكتاب الذي كنت أريد منذ فترة أن أبدأ فيه لحبي الأبدي لكرة القدم و لـ إنجلترا

ترقبوا تقريري لهذا الكتاب إن شاء الله


تقبلوا تحياتيـــ

بو علي

Review: Morning Glory

As we first entered Marina Mall’s cinema, the first movie that we saw was Harrison Ford’s new comedy, Morning Glory and although it was a romantic comedy, we decided to go ahead and watch it just because Ford is in it. Basically, the movie is about a young upcoming producer who wants to save a (dying) morning TV show and of course she will face many obstacles as she tries to save the show.

I’ll be honest with you, my first impression was that this movie will be a typical romantic comedy that will be very lame .. but I got to say, I actually loved the movie .. Ford’s coolness helped develop his character and Adam’s good performance was just fantastic. I’ll give it: 7.5/10


Bo Ali – 2011

Review: The Green Hornet

I’m a huge fan of Seth Rogen’s work. He knows how to be a loser and in this movie, he is a loser + a hero. The Green Hornet is a movie that in my opinion is a combination between two of my favorite type of movies: Comedy + Comic book based movies and although I think the movie’s storyline has alot of familiar elements from other comic book heroes, it’s a good movie to watch.

Funny and interesting .. long but none the less, Funny !!!

Waiting for other comic book movies to come out 🙂


Bo Ali – 2011

Review: Superman: Earth One

You will get the worst superman-comic review when you let a DIE HARD Batman fan to write it. I always say that Superman is lame and the whole SUPER hero thing is silly. On the other hand, we have a true hero who can fight like a real fighter without having any advantages. When Batman fights.. we can enjoy a brutal .. ruthless .. entertaining fight. We don’t have this kinda of entertainment with superman.

Every comic reader knows that superman always wins!! The element of surprise is gone and even when you try to rewrite the superman story in a different way, he also wins and defeats the bad guy. That’s why I hate superman!!!

This book talks about :

“ Superman, a 20 year old man who does not know what to do in life, much like most 20 year olds are, and with all his powers he has to make the difficult decision, to be the world’s protector or choose to live a normal life? “

Don’t get me wrong, the story is actually good. A new take on The Man of Steel. So I don’t hate the story, I just don’t like Superman .. I hate it when I’m reading a Superman comic and I know that he will eventually beat up the bad guy and saves the day. This comic wasn’t any different.

The Art was kinda good .. drawing a young angry Superman is not that hard .. !!

Rate: 5/10

Bo Ali – 2010


Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

اللهم صلِ على أشرف الخلق و المرسلين محمد و على آل بيته الطيبين الطاهرين

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

إذا كنت من عشاق ألعاب القتالية الكلاسيكية

أو غيرها من الألعاب .. فـ هذا الفلم سـ يعجبك بكل تأكيد .. !!!
ما عجبني في هذا الفلم هو أن الفلم عبارة عن دمج ما بين الفلم الطبيعي و اللعبة الحية .. حيث ان الشخصية الأساسية في الفلم .. سكوت .. كان يلعب لعبة بكل خواصها .. بل و أن القصة هي عبارة عن لعبة يلعبها سكوت لكي يصل للمرحلة الأخيرة و هذا ما نراه في الألعاب القتالية .. و دائماً في المرحلة الأخيرة .. يقاتل البطل .. الشرير الأكبر و عندما ينتصر عليه .. يفوز بـ قلب الأميرة

أعلم أن هذه الفكرة و هذه النظرية طرحت كثيراً .. لكن عندما يأتي مخرج كوميدي مشهور .. و يطبق هذه الفكرة على فلم كوميدي مع ممثل كوميدي رائع .. الفلم سـ يكون ناجح بكل ما تحمله الكلمة من معنى .. طبعاً الطاقم الرئيسي يعتبر واعد

لكن هناك العديد من الوجوه المعروفة .. خصوصاً بطل الفلم القادم من مارفيــــل كابتن أمريكا .. كريس ايفانز .. الذي اتقن دوره بكل ما تحمله الكلمة من معنى .. و في احدى المشاهد .. ضحكت على ما فعله لمدة نصف ساعة .. ممثل رائع

القصة عادية لكن ما يجعلها مثيرة هي التأثيرات الجديدة .. و في بعض الأوقات قد تجدها مضحكة .. و هنا نرى الإبداع ..
في الدمج ما بين هذه العوالم المختلفة .. و أقصد هنا .. عالم السينما و عالم الألعاب الالكترونية

فلم مضحك .. بطريقة جديدة .. يستحق علامة متقدمة




تقبلوا تحياتيـــ

بو علي – 2010


Dalg S’hail – A “cultural” experience

I decided to make this my first review upon returning because I simply could not let it wait. I wanted to share my thoughts on this erm .. ‘cultural’ expeience as my parents call it while the memory was still fresh in my mind.

Now, first of all, warning to all fathers who would love to play this prank on their daughters in the future: if you decide to take your unexpecting daughter to this restaurant under the impression of what the general term of  “taking you out for dinner” implies, do give her some hint as to what to wear (or not wear, as it might be the case) so that once she shows up on this ..scene, she would not arrive feeling misplaced and totally overdressed T_T

Before you gasp with insult, dear reader, do not take my review personally. It is simply my personal reflection. So.. allow me to share my story at this place..

On a hot and humid night.. My parents decided to take me to what they promised would be an “authentic” dinner. So, naturally, Kuwaiti me got all dressed up for the night out. I had no clue what this place would be like, so as my mother commented that we might not get a table, I reassured her that my father had probably booked us a table.. Now for those of you who have been there, you would understand why my parents burst out laughing at this predicament. I, on the other hand, was clueless.

So we arrive at Souq ElMobarakiya – my first visit to this famous part of Kuwait.. and being the girl that I am.. I almost screeched. Now this says a lot as I am not usually the screechy type of girl. I stood outside the car.. shocked. To say the least that is.

My pretty shoes were dragged through an excuse of a sandy parking lot to  a cluster of garden tables, which I might have been able to describe in more detail if it were not for the water sprinklers above our heads (yes.. above) spitting water in my face. This was apprently “pleasant” to my family who sat down joyfully thinking they were on a picnic beside a waterfall or something.

So I sit down stiffling a groan to humor my father and as the waiter approaches I silently pray that they atleast have an english menu. Very foolish on my part. So as it played out, the restaurant only had a couple of menus anyway (apparently their food was so famous you are expected to sit there and just know what you want).

I ask my waiter.. “what do you reccomend?” he flashes me a smile “fee chabda w galb mashwee waaayed helo” TRANSLATION: Liver and barbequed heart.

Ok so maybe some people find that a major delicacy, as JustTruth and MadReds do enjoy other strange foods “bacha” do..I, however, do NOT. So you can see my utter state of misery.

ANyway.. I go ahead and order the first chicken platter I could think of  “sheesh 6awoo8” as my theory is ‘atleast you know if chicken is chicken.. meat on the other hand could have come from anything.’ Again, I do apologize. I do not wish to demean the integrity of this popular establishment, these were just the thoughts that came to me in my stunned state.

Thankfully, I always remember to have my ‘Detol wipes’ in my purse (as every lady knows she should), and it gives me some comfort in knowing my hands wont be the source of my then-expected poisoning.

The food arrives in all its “sya5” and stuff and my joy rests on discovering that they atleast had propper hot sauce. Thinking that salt and spices must be what kills bacteria (don’t laugh, I am not a bio student) because well ..pickles last forever don’t they? — I attack my chicken with all the salt and “sha6a” that I can handle without burning a hole in my gut and smile sweetly at my father “yumm” all the while thinking ‘why daddy why?!’

My mother sitting next to me is enjoying her barbequed heart (poor sheep or whatever heart it was) and I take a deep breath.. it can’t be that bad right?? I mean this is.. part of being a proper Kuwaiti and all etc etc..

I lift the chicken…

move it close to my mouth..

and a cat suddenly runs under my chair.

erggh. Ok. Take II

I lift the chicken.. move it close to my mouth..

slowly put it inside..


it wasn’t all that bad to be honest!

I still drank a can of coke for sterilization though! Just in case! ..but all in all.. I survived!

I can now say I am a ‘culturized’ Kuwaiti who’s seen it all – and survived it too!

So.. I cannot  promise you that it would be an experience you’d wish to repeat quite often, especially in this heat, however I can see why my dad thought it imperitive that every girl survives her “Dalg S’hail” dinner. It’s as my mother says, “a cultural experience”.  I just wish the cultural experience was less germy.

To be fair, I don’t feel sick or anything and they do offer an indoor dining area.. so if you do wish to visit this place -and I do advise you to because it’s so very different- just bear in mind that you should not dress up, wear heels or your favorite shoes, do take your sanitisers and go when the weather is a bit cooler. I also suggest you don’t sit under the over-head sprinklers.

Oh well.. atleast it was an experiennce.

I still think I deserve a badge for putting up with it!

‘Remember Me’ – movie review

Starring: Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper.

This heartbreaking romantic drama is set in New York City, where Tyler (Robert Pattinson), a rebellious young man, meets Ally (Emilie de Ravin) through a twist of fate. Her spirit helps him heal after a great family tragedy, but soon, the circumstances that brought them together threaten to tear them apart.

Remember Me was so far the best movie I’ve seen this year and had me crying my heart out. I’d be surprised to hear of someone who saw it and didn’t cry through the whole thing!

Not only is the actors’ performances strongly moving in this movie, but the story also puts a lot in perspective and shows how every big or small thing we do in our lives and towards those we love, can have a huge impact even long after we’re gone.

Like Ghandi says: “Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it.”

I suggest you take a whole lot of tissue and make sure you have a cheer up plan set up for afterwards! .. Seriously worth watching though.

View the trailer: