Book Review: Those Feet, by David Winner

After finishing David Winner’s book, Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football, which was a great read and one that I highly recommend. I then had to find out if Winner had any other football-related books. It’s just for the fact that Winner’s writing style can capture what many don’t, a well-known background (and knowledge) of what an author is talking about or presenting. And when you’re writing a book that is both a history book and a football-related book, you have to be both a fan and a historian, Winner is both!

I’ve found out that not only Winner’s other football-related project is a book that explores both these genres, but a book that also talks about the history of English football, which I was a fan of. In his book, Those Feet: An Intimate History of English Football, Winner gives us a perfect showdown of the English football and its history. Winner talks about the humble roots of the English football, the banning era, and finally, the establishment of the premier league.

One of the best books that I’ve read, because not only this book talks about history and English football, which I love, but also has a fan/writer that can give you a perfect picture of the different times and periods that Winner discuss.

A great read, highly recommended!

Bo Ali

Sikkaa is a social network website that was launched on Feb 2011 and targets amateur football players. A user can open a profile as a football player, create a team or join another, challenge another team, play in real life and much more.

If you’re an amateur football player in Kuwait then you will know the problems that we all face, and because believe me, there are many! You can’t find enough players, for starters, is one of the most annoying problems that any amateur player faces. I personally have gone through this problem and still do. I just can’t find enough players and hit the perfect number (12 or 10 players) to play a game that you can actual enjoy and can be competitive.  I think that this problem can be solved, by !! is a website that you can register as an individual player or a team. And that’s what we exactly needed! This website helps you if you’re a player with no team, they will include you and place you with other players. Or if you have a team, they will arrange with other teams and book matches for you and your team!

That’s basically a BRILLIANT idea!! I’m gona register as an individual player for now. YOU have to register with .. it’s easy and spears you the trouble of arranging and contacting your team-mates.. And other problems that you may face as player!

Visit: www.


Bo Ali

Review: United

Being a true Manchester United fan, one must know the full history of the club. And with a club the size of Manchester United, there are many books to read and movies to watch. But there are always these exceptions that tell you exactly what happened and explore what other couldn’t explore.  From the humble beginnings as Newton Heath LYR Football Club to the famously known Munich air crash, we should know the history of our favorite club. I know there are many books that talk about United’s history and believe me I’ve read them all, but nothing matches the pure quality of a motion picture film that talks about one of United’s important moments, a moment that defined the club. This moment played a huge factor in motivating the later success of the club.

This moment was the Munich Air Crash in 1958.

And this movie shows us what happened that day for those who were involved. They were young and talented bunch of players that were on the course of their local and international success. Many considered them to be the future of the nation. The accident happened, when the British European Airways Flight 609 crashed on its third attempt to take off.

A well put movie by the BBC that any Manchester United fan should see. To be honest with you, any fan of the beautiful game should see this movie.

A perfect 10/10 !!

Bo Ali

Book Review: First, Last and Only: Football

This book is for the hardcore football fans that want to increase their knowledge in their game. A little book, “First, Lasts, and Onlys: Football Facts from the last 150 years” is a book for the fans and written by a fan. Paul Donnelley is a huge fan of football and clearly, after reading his book, you’ll know and understand that this man knows his football and enjoys writing about it.

A fun read.. full of fun, interesting football facts that will be useful ..when bragging about knowing these facts, in front of your friends (you will be the only one who knows these facts).

You can find this book in Virgin Kuwait and other bookstores. Enjoy. Bo Ali

Full Review: Adipure 3 ( FG – AT )

This is a full review for Adidas’s new boot, adiPURE 3. I’ve tried two types of the this boot. FG (Firm Ground) and AT (Astro Turf).

My adiPURE. I’ve been a adiPURE player for years now and the one thing that led to this amazing relationship, is the high quality of the boot itself. It has the good aspects of a high-control boot ( just like the Adidas predator or the Nike legends ) and also has the power of a striker’s boot ( for example. Nike’s T90 or even Puma’s power-cats). Having all these qualities, you will enjoy every aspects of the game and also score some jaw-breaking goals.

FG to AT. Using a FG boot for Kuwait’s awful artificial grounds is a very bad idea. It can affect your control and even can affect your passes. My back injury was mainly because I used my FG adiPURE’s for almost two years now and even after recovering from my injury, I didn’t feel better until I made the change to AT boots. So, my main point here, DONT use FG boots in Kuwait.

Many Advantages. Adipure boots has many advantages that any football player wants in a football boot. For example, having Kangaroo leather will help you improve your control and also can have a positive affect on your passes. Also, the simple design of the boot focuses only on the important aspects of the boot. Not like any other boots, that only focuses on the design and not the real quality of the boot. Having said that, the adipure always came in two main colors, white and black, but recently, Adidas decided to explore now color-ways like, gold boots and sky blue boots. I personally prefer all white boots. Having two main colors was the reason I prefer this boot. Because a football player doesn’t care about the color of his boot or even how flashy it is, but the real quality of his boot.

Long-lasting Boot. you will not worry about buying a new boot for the next year, because the adiPures last much longer and will not break even if you play more than three times a week. I’ve been using the same adipure for almost three months now and it’s the same. I admit that i have to clean it up before every game. But it would not break if you don’t clean it, it will only be dirty and that’s not a major problem for a true player! The adiPURE is a  good boot that will not break or even tear apart.

Kaka and Frank Lampard
. When you look at a world class player like Kaka wearing this boot, you will know that it’s not only his abilities that make him the player that he is. Using the perfect boot can affect and improve any player’s performance. Many more use the adipures, but these two are the best and they have been using it from the first addition. They are designed for world class player who want to improve their abilities.

Main Info:
Made In: Italy
External Heel Counter: yes
How Attached To Upper: Cemented and Riveted
Insole Material: EVA foam
Insole Removable: yes
Lacing: Asymmetrical
Outsole Material: PU
Primary Upper Material: Kangaroo leather
Stud Material: PU
Stud Shape: Bladed
Suitable For: Firm Natural Surfaces
Weight: 10.4 oz.

I strongly recommend this boot for players who are serious about their football. The best boot in my opinion.

Wanna Buy them? There are two main websites that offer new and updated football boots. If your in Kuwait, I recommend buying your boots from It’s easy and safe. The prices are cheaper from any boot sold in Kuwait. The other website is Pro Direct Soccer. I’ve bought two boots from them and it was great but i’ve recently bought a boot that got lost!!

Note: Photos were taken from

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Mad Reds – 2010

Review: The Damned United

“I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one.”

When you live in Nottingham, England .. you will notice one thing and one thing only, Football. Wherever you go, you will see how one team (Nottingham Forest) made the whole city a Full-Football city. People talk about their team with proud, but WHY ?

The reason is simple, Nottingham Forest won the European league two times. But when people talk about what happened back then, they think and talk about one name only .. their HERO ” Brian Clough ” .. Nottingham’s former coach (1975-1993) ..

” The Brian Clough Statue in Nottingham city center “


Why do they love him:

European Cup: 1979, 1980

European Super Cup: 1979

League Championship: 1977-78 season

League Cup: 1978, 1979, 1989, 1990

FA Charity Shield: 1978

So from what you can see, a two-time European winner .. deserved all the love and respect he got. After his 2004 death, England moaned his death and the English football community lost a brilliant manager ..
a charismatic leader, he led Nottingham forest to what now fans call it the golden years of N.Forest ..

And although Clough managed other teams (Hartlepools United, Derby County, Brighton & Hove Albion, and Leeds United), the whole world will remember Clough as a Nottingham Forest manager .. who won the European league two times ..

I know we didn’t talk about the movie yet, and the reason is that the whole movie talks about Brian Clough, the Nottingham Forest former manager, and for a character that big .. we thought that our readers needed a closer .. more accurate look. One can say that Brian Clough was like the former Chelsea and current Inter Milan manager, José Mourinho, who like Clough had his own crazy moments with the press .. both are champions .. both are crazy .. !


The Damned United .. a 2009 movie .. the role of Brian Clough was played by the talented actor, Michael Sheen, I’m big fan of Sheen .. he knows how to imitate famous characters like David Frost and Tony Blair .. he did a good job with Clough and with the way he talks .. he’s a great actor .. !!

I know it’s a football movie but even if your not a fan nor care about Brian Clough .. I assure you .. this movie will be one of those low budget movies that will amaze you!! You will get a closer look at how football was played back then, and of course the story of a small-town manager who made it big. Sadly, the movie is about the early days of Clough .. back when he was the manager of Derby county and then Leeds united (for a sad and awful year) .. the movie ends before he joins Nottingham .. but even so, If your a Nottingham fan or just a fan of Clough .. you will love this movie .. !!


Mad Reds

New Page : The Football Boots Factory

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


اللهم صلي على محمد و على أل بيته الطيبين الطاهرين

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

The Football Boots Factory 

أحب أن أقدم لكم صفحة جديدة .. تنضم لـ صفحات مدونتنـــا المتواضعة ..

و هي صفحة .. خاصة بـ أخر أخبار و أهم المواضيع ..

التي تهم مستلزمات كرة القدم .. و بالأخص الأحذية الكروية ..

التي تهم شريحة كبيرة من شبابنا الطيـــب ..

و لهذا .. حبيت أن أقدم لكم خبرتي بهذا المجال الذي عشقته منذ الطفولة ..

ندعو التوفيق من رب العالميـــن ..

و نتمنى ان تستمتعوا معنــــا ..

The Football Boots Factory
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