[Comic book Review] Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes


After reading the ongoing (pre-flashpoint) I just wanted more and more. I always felt that Grant Morison wasn’t happy with the whole relaunch and had other plans for his ongoing, but anyways the reboot happened and I for one can’t complain because with the reboot came the opportunity to read monthly comics. Being from Kuwait, we don’t have comic book stores, so having digital monthly comics is a blessing for us comic book readers/fans.

I’ve loved what Morison did with this story and think that this one shot is a perfect cliffhanger for fans to have until the new ongoing comes out. This one shot was amazing and fun. I enjoyed the story especially Batgirl’s story with her going to this school in England, I though we needed to know what happened there. The second part of the issue was also great, Morison knows his Batman.The art was somewhat good.. with some problems. It just felt forced at times but all in all, it was ok.

What’s next now?! We know now that there’s an ongoing series but what we don’t know is that how will Morison keep on writing a story that has many of the pre-flashpoint elements, a perfect example is Stephane Brown being Batgirl! In other words, it’s going to be challenging for Morison to have this storyline in the new 52!!

Can’t wait for the new Batman Incorporated ongoing to come out!

Bo Ali

[Review] Green Lantern: The Animated Series

I just saw the first two episodes of DC’s latest TV series, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and it was pure awesomeness! It did not have a boring origin story of Hal Jordan (and that’s exactly what I was hoping for), it actually had a brilliant take on the Green lantern storyline. I really enjoyed watching the first episode and when it ended, I wanted more and more! I always enjoy a Green lantern story that focuses on the battle between different color lanterns or corps. And I hope they continue with this storyline and bring on other lanterns.

This series is a must watch if your a Green lantern fan, it has everything you want, plus, the CGI affects are just great!

I’m gonna give it 9/10 and I can’t wait for the next episodes.

Bo Ali

Review: Justice League #1


I’ve been reading comics now for three years and I have to be honest, I’m liking it so far. I can truly say that I’m not only a comic book reader, but also a fan. Being a fan/reader is basically reading comic books, exploring the process of these comics, and following the NEWS! The last aspect is the most important thing in being more than a comic book reader.

You probably know by now that I’m a DC comics fan, I just love their characters and continue on reading them and their story lines. Mainly, Batman story lines, but I usually read Superman’s legendary stories once in a while.

One of the biggest news of 2011 is the DC comics relaunch and with it comes 52 new titles. But that’s not what made me the happiest man alive. It was the fact that they will have a day-to-date digital form for these 52 titles. SO, now I can read and download these new comics on a monthly basis.

The first comic book to come out is the new Justice league, written by @GeoffJons and art by @JimLee.

First of all, the art ia amazing. Lee simply knows how to draw both Batman and Hal Jorden. There were many splash picture and Lee serve them justice (pun not intended).

As for the story, it’s normally a slow base in many of Geoff’s stories and that’s exactly what we got here. Although to be fair, this comic book is a jumping point for all of us and the starting element for the whole DC universe, so it had to be slow.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book and have high hopes for the upcoming issues.

Justice League #1: 8.5/10


Review: Superman: Earth One

You will get the worst superman-comic review when you let a DIE HARD Batman fan to write it. I always say that Superman is lame and the whole SUPER hero thing is silly. On the other hand, we have a true hero who can fight like a real fighter without having any advantages. When Batman fights.. we can enjoy a brutal .. ruthless .. entertaining fight. We don’t have this kinda of entertainment with superman.

Every comic reader knows that superman always wins!! The element of surprise is gone and even when you try to rewrite the superman story in a different way, he also wins and defeats the bad guy. That’s why I hate superman!!!

This book talks about :

“ Superman, a 20 year old man who does not know what to do in life, much like most 20 year olds are, and with all his powers he has to make the difficult decision, to be the world’s protector or choose to live a normal life? “

Don’t get me wrong, the story is actually good. A new take on The Man of Steel. So I don’t hate the story, I just don’t like Superman .. I hate it when I’m reading a Superman comic and I know that he will eventually beat up the bad guy and saves the day. This comic wasn’t any different.

The Art was kinda good .. drawing a young angry Superman is not that hard .. !!

Rate: 5/10

Bo Ali – 2010


The Return of Bruce Wayne!

Batman‘s fans were shocked last summer when the current batman comic’s writers killed their main character. Batman or Bruce Wayne died in the best-selling graphic novel “Batman: R.I.P”.

For all of us, we felt that the real and only batman died with that novel. How can anyone believe that Batman is died! We loved this character because it was the perfect mix between insane and stability. We see Bruce as the calm and always cool character and then when he puts on his cape, we see and even enjoy the insanity in his character. Killing Batman in my opinion was a really bad decision. But can it get worst than that!?

Yes it can! After killing Batman, they tried another idea! What if “Night-Wing” becomes the new and improved Batman! Night-Wing is the former/first Robin. So they added the story line and after straggling with the idea, Night-wing becomes the new Batman. One who always smiles to the press and even shows himself to them (something the former Batman never did). Although I loved both of his characters before (First Robin/Night wing), but I think that he’s just not fit for the character! No one can play the rule of Batman but Batman!!!

Another important aspect of being Batman is that Bruce had to gain his cape! Bruce spent all his life trying new ways to improve himself and training so hard to become Batman. Although Night wing was trained by Batman himself, he didn’t get the proper training for the role. In other words, every super hero goes on a spiritual and physical journey before becoming a Super Hero! Night Wing became Batman in only one novel!! Where’s the journey in that!!!!

Batman wasn’t always this vigilante who doesn’t care about others and takes the law in his own hands. The TV version of Batman, first appearance 1966, was a happy and good character. One who always ends a sentence with a joke or point out the irony in the satiation. Newer versions of Batman made him more brutal and vicious. People liked Batman just like that. This nasty hero, who just don’t care about the way, but he just does what he wants! Cracking his enemy’s skull is a normal-day job for him. We liked Batman like that and not what Night wing brought to the character. At least that’s my opinion. So, the question in hand now, does the new image of Batman appeal to his audience?!

Now, after the R.I.P novel, the writers of the upcoming issues are hinting that maybe Bruce didn’t die. He just time travelled!!! For a long-time reader or even a beginner that idea sounds just horrible!!! I know that we want him back, but not that way. Comics are not for kids, the fact that Batman time-travelled sounds like a poor children’s movie! Are we ready to transform a realistic character to a time-travelling fiction one? Why change the main aspect of batman to this new unrealistic hero!!!! They are saying that Bruce didn’t die, but time travelled. Now, we don’t have any more information for example, the place that he time-travelled to or the reason that he did , but if we are pissed and mad at the basic idea of putting Batman in a time traveling machine, we don’t need to hear more!!!!!! We don’t want to hear more!!!!

After absorbing what I said, let’s see what we have now! The new Batman is a better and well improved one and with him is the current Robin. With the return of the former and the only Batman (in my opinion), what will happened to the new Batman (Night wing)? Will he step down? Will he fight the former Batman? Most importantly, will he believe that the man who time-traveled is actually the real Batman!! You can only imagine the impact of the return of Batman/Bruce on us and how will we react when the 700 issue comes. Although I’m sad and mad at the way they killed him off, I’m happy they are bringing him back. Because we all fell in love with Bruce/Batman and the way he does his business!
I know that I’m mad at the way they brought him back, but believe me; I’m looking forward for the upcoming issues! All Batman fans are waiting .. We need to know what will happen! Will everything return to the way it was before the R.I.P novel?

A lot of questions ..

You can read more on this topic here!!!

Mad Reds – 2010

Review: The DC Comics Encyclopedia

Last weekend .. i went with bo jasim (JUST TRUTH) to VIRGIN MEGA STORES .. to see what’s new .. even if the day before we were there ..
We were walking towards the books section .. when one of the workers ( the famous redhead ) .. pointed at me .. and asked me if i wanted the DC comics Encyclopedia book .. !!

After the 20 seconds ( to understand what happened ), i smiled ..
the story began two weeks ago when i asked if they had this book .. and they told me that they don’t have it (yet) .. i didn’t give them my number or anything .. BUT this weekend .. she told me that the book that i wanted and asked for .. had arrived and i can see it there .. !!

first of all, I’m really pleased with their service .. and how they didn’t forget .. now that’s what i call a good service .. !! i want to thank her ( the redhead ) for that .. i don’t know her name .. but everyone knows her as the redhead who works in VIRGIN .. Thank you for remembering me .. !!

Today, i went and bought the book .. a huge book mainly about DC comics .. from characters .. to stories .. you can find every thing you want .. every detail .. every character and every aspect of The DC universe .. !!

I’ve looked at it quickly .. and of course i began reading the BATMAN section .. it’s amazing how they’ve included every little detail .. from the first Batman adventure .. to the death of the 2nd Rubin ..

there were other books .. about Marvel Comics .. but i didn’t even care to look at them .. !! I’m a DC guy .. always have and always will .. !!

the 400 page book gives you a bigger, more detailed and larger view at DC Universe .. it even has all of the unknown characters that I’ve never heard of .. like: King of Tears / LONAR / Night Master .. and many more ..

i really recommend this book .. if your a long-time fan or even a first-timer .. you have to buy this book ..
I’m still reading .. i didn’t finish half of it .. it will be a thrill .. finishing it .. !!

the only downfall was that they didn’t dig deep with some characters .. ( lack of detail ) .. but that didn’t matter .. because when you are a (Batman-ONLY) fan .. it wont matter .. !!


cheers .. !!