Keeping up with new technology is a job of it’s own. Whether it’s cell phones or laptops, if it’s new, we’ll get it. But is this concept or should I say, this new job, healthy? What are we benefiting from all these new gadgets, if we are actually benefiting from them at all? Let’s first face the facts, people now have more cell phones, laptops than ever before. Having only one cell phone is considered strange or odd! So is it healthy to have more than one phone or one laptop?!

In my opinion, it’s totally healthy to have more than one cell phone, as you can clearly see, I HAVE TWO CELL PHONES. Having both a Blackberry and an iPhone is in my opinion healthy and normal. Some say that having one phone is tiring enough, how can we have two? Well, I have a blackberry for the soul-purpose of using the BBM (Blackberry messenger). I use the iPhone for basically everything else. Whether for browsing the internet or sending messages, or anything else, I relay on the iPhone!

To be honest with you, using a phone for only one purpose (or one function) is kinda strange, but when it comes to the BBM, many can argue that it’s normal to use and buy a Blackberry just for it. The BBM in a way, keeps me in-touch with my Blackberry friends that don’t have iPhones. It’s easy and simple, and that’s the reason why people still buy Blackberries. As for the iPhone, I basically use it for everything!

This trend, having more than one cell phone is hard to duplicate (or do) when it comes to laptops. Specially if you own an Apple laptop. Because, and Apple users will back me up on this, owning an Apple laptop is enough for you. With an Apple laptop or a Macbook, you can do anything you normally do with any other laptop and more. It’s simply the best. So you don’t need to buy more than one laptop. The Macbook is basically enough.

So, we now know that we normally buy two phones but only one laptop. But when it comes to buying new phones or laptops, it’s another story. We, on average, buy a new phone every year or two. For most of us, we feel that the phone that we have is out of date or old after only using it for a year or so. Specially when there is a new phone coming out every year or even less. Personally speaking, I bought every iPhone there is to buy and relatively speaking, every Blackberry there is.

Note: While writing this post, I realized that I’ve bought a lot of cell phones!

While there are reasons to have and use more than one cell phone, I could not find any reason for buying a new phone after using the old one for a year or so. It’s pure “keeping up with the new technology” thing. But that’s fine with me. I want to keep up with all these new gadgets. I want to be up to date with these new cell phones. I enjoy having/using them. It’s not a job for me to have the latest cell phone, it’s a JOY. Not having a reason or a purpose for this thing or concept is OK for me and for many technology maniacs!

So the conclusion here is that it’s normal to have more than one gadget .. And it’s also OK to have the latest gadgets or buy new cell phones, after only using the old one for a year or so. Keeping up with all the new technologies is not a JOB, it’s a dream/goal for us 🙂 ..


Review: BlackBerry Torch 9800

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

اللهم صلِ على أشرف الخلق و المرسلين محمد و على آل بيته الطيبين الطاهرين

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

بعد التنقل ما بين الأيفون و البلاكبيــــري .. طبعاً هذه التنقلات كانت تنقلات مزاجية .. لم اجد هاتفاً يجعلني استخدم الـ


و في نفس الوقت .. يكون هاتفاً ذا قيمة. و لكن و مع نزول الـ

Blackberry Torch

انحلت مشكلتي ..

فـ هذا الهاتف يمزج ما بين قوة الأيفون من ناحية شاشة اللمس .. و من ناحية ميزة البلاكبيري الوحيدة و هي خدمة الرسائل. و لهذا كان لابد منا أن نستخدم هذا الجهاز خصوصاً و أن وصف الكثيرين لهذا الجهاز كان على أنه أفضل هاتف بلاكبيري موجود إلى الأن.

في البداية سـ أتكلم عن شاشة اللمس .. و سـ أبدأ كلامي أن شاشة اللمس لهذا الجهاز ليس له أي علاقة بـ أي جهاز لمس طرحته شركة بلاكبيري من قبل .. حيث ان التصميم جديد و حتى الشعور الفوري جديد. حيث أن لهذا الجهاز نظام جديد يجعله يوازي شاشة لمس الأيفون و لهذا حلت مشكلة شاشة اللمس في الإصدارات القديمة من البلاكبيري.

طبعاً كـ أي جهاز لـ بلاكبيري .. هناك العديد من المميزات التي تأتي معها .. الإيميل مميز بالإضافة إلى تطوير عملية التصفح على الإنترنت لكي توازي متصفح الإيفون.

بالإضافة طبعاً إلى خدمة الرسائل التي كانت و ما زالت موجودة لدى هواتف البلاكبيري.

بمعنى اخر ان هذا الجهاز .. يمزج ما بين الإيفون من ناحية شاشة اللمس الرائعة و المتصفح الرائع .. و ما بين كل أجهزة البلاكبيري الجديدة و القديمة. خصوصاً و أن نظام التشغيل لهذا الجهاز هو الأحدث.

إذا كنت من عشاق البلاكبيري .. هذا هو أفضل جهاز لك!


تقبلوا تحياتيــــ

بو علي – 2010

Top Ten “Habbat” in Kuwait

To my readers (all four of them)… today is my birthday.

And on a completely related note, here is the current top ten Habbat (Habbas?) in Kuwait.

10- Sweatpants (Sweats) – Let’s starts with the basics: Sweatpants. Yes, I admit they are comfy, warm (in Kuwait?), durable, and easy to wear and match. But all of that does NOT mean you can wear them to every-single-place you go. Sweats might be alright when you’re heading to the store for a snack, or when you’re hanging out with your friends, but it’s not alright to wear them to restaurants, malls, or, and I hope to never see this, weddings.

9- GYMs; Fitness– I’m not an obese blob blogging from my mother’s basement. I have nothing against being in shape. But I’m certainly against abusing steroids and growth hormones for the sake of looking “good” (notice the quotation marks). I’m 90% certain that most people who join a GYM in Kuwait do it just so that on a random day if somebody mentions it, they can say, “Yeah, I hit some dumbbells at Oxygen le3dailya”.

8- Studying Abroad– Perhaps the most positive item on this list. I bet that, if you’re Kuwaiti, you know at least 5 people who are currently studying abroad. All of a sudden, everybody wants to go to school in California, or Miami, or any other place that people seem to think is cool. But perhaps this is one trend I’m not too eager to stop right now.

7- Every boy (and girl) is an expert on football and loves Barcelona– I think the title is self-explanatory. I get why everybody thinks they’re a football expert sometimes (myself included), but I’m not exactly sure why suddenly everyone started loving Barcelona. Girls especially! To all self proclaimed Catalonians, I’ll concede that you are real Barca fans if you can name three players who have played for BOTH Barcelona and Real Madrid.  Google is not allowed.

6- Ray Bans– Yes, they are very stylish. No, you don’t have to have one because you want to look as cool as your friend (he’s not that cool, by the way). Yes, they’re a nice accessory. No, you don’t have to own five pairs. Yes, they’re necessary for Kuwait’s sun. No, it’s not cool to wear them indoors.

5- Red Bull– I’m starting to think the majority of Kuwaiti teenagers actually believe they’ll have wings if they drink Red Bull. (They won’t, just to be clear). The point of energy drinks is to revitalize your body and mind when you’re feeling depleted. So, Red Bull consumers of Kuwait, why do you drink it 3 times a day, while you’re eating, walking, shopping, or just breathing? Jack Bauer is up 24 hours saving America, and I’ve never seen him touch an energy drink.

4- A&F, American Eagle, and Ralph Lauren– If you’re wearing sweats and Ray Bans, you’re probably also wearing an a-bit-too-tight A&F Polo. I’m starting to think Kuwait exists in a world where only Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, and A&F sells clothes. Oh, and if you’re buying the fake, unauthentic, crap, than that’s just… sad.

3- Mac– Mr. Steve Jobs, I salute you. You are the master of creating overpriced gadgets that Kuwaitis must have on their quest towards the peak of Mount Coolness. “Hello, I’m a PC” .. “And I’m a douche- I mean Mac, sorry.” (Commercial reference, anyone?)

2- Pinkberry– Maybe the forbidden fruit in Heaven wasn’t an apple, but rather a spoonful of Pinkberry frozen yogurt. I haven’t tried this frozen sensation yet, but it can’t be so good that people are willing to line up for hours across the Avenues just to get a bite, can it? I’m just starting to wonder whether this particular bubble will ever burst.

1- The Blackberry– Dear Mr. Blackberry (I’m assuming you named you’re little invention after yourself), You don’t know who I am but I know who you are and I know what you done. You had sex with my mother and then you stole my dad’s money all away. So he got angry and he killed my mother and then he killed himself, too. All I know is your name. But one of these days I’m going to find you and I’m going to give you this letter so you’ll remember what you done to me [and my cyber friends]. You killed my [social life], Mr. Blackberry.” – Lost reference, anyone? Sawyer, revenge, all that stuff? No? Anyone?

So, there you have it. If any of these habbat applies to you, let us know, we won’t judge. No, we will. But tell us anyway.

* This list was compiled by an impartial panel of 7 individuals.

Do we really need blackberries?’

I would like to begin this article by saying that I own not only one blackberry, but two. I don’t use both of them at the same time of course. When I woke up today, I just realized what I really have! After that I started questioning myself and then came the big question!!!!
Do I really need two blackberries?
First, let’s answer the general question! Why do we need Blackberries?
1- Email: I have all of my emails in my blackberry (college email, fun, official) and I use them all. For the college email, I need to always be updated and every email is an important one. My other emails are just for fun.

2-BBM ( the blackberry messenger ) now, the main use of the BBM is that you can text anyone for free and receive jokes. Also receive important (yet fake) news. Waking up in the middle of the night just to receive a joke from a guy I barely know is just ridicules! But I have to say that I enjoy reading jokes sometimes.
That’s it! I can’t find any more reasons for buying a blackberry! I’m amazed how we buy a phone with only two primary features!
The device has only two main features and without these two, it’s basically a normal phone with normal features. Now let’s talk about the disadvantages of having a blackberry..

1- Bluetooth: I hate the way the blackberry sends or even receives anything by Bluetooth! Sending a photo or a ringtone is not easy and it will take you 5 whole minutes to do so!

2-No customization: limited themes. You can’t customize anything! Unlike the blackberry, Nokia has a huge range of themes. It’s always fun to change your icons design!

3-Buy an iPhone: yup, although I’m a blackberry user, I truly think that the iPhone is a better phone! With the iPhone, you have all the things that the blackberry has (thanks to the what’s up application) and more. Having fun with your phone while sending a msg or even taking some pictures and then of course viewing them will be a blast!
Will it be my next phone?!

So why do people buy a blackberry! It is because they don’t have anything to do and just want to full their empty hours with reading lame and old jokes. Am I really benefiting from talking to my friends all the time!!!! Am I that bored that I need a phone to full my time! The answer is a big fat NO! So, why do we use Blackberryz! The simple answer is that we don’t want to do anything else!

If we decided to not spend time on our blackberryz .. we can..

1-We can read! Yes I said reading! So many of us didn’t even read a single book in our lives and we will not start now! So if this guy is willing to spend his day on reading lame jokes! Why not read books! In a book, you will find everything you want! You will find the thing that will full your day! Reading will make you think! Will make you use your brain!

2-We can exercise! Recent statistics shows us that Kuwaiti people are among the top 3 in obesity and there are so many reasons for that, but one of the main reasons is that we are not exercising! When we spend all the time clicking on our blackberries, sending msgs, or just talking to our friends and in the process, EATING anything in front of us! We are gona be FAT .. FAT !

3-Pray: when the time of prayer comes, we always say that I will send this msg or chat whit this guy then I’ll go and pray! Mostly, you will not pray and if you do, you will pray late! Praying is the most spiritual thing to do. If we need to full our hearts with true and pure feelings, all we have to do is just pray!

4-Spending time with family and friends: when we use the blackberry as a way of communication, we won’t have the benefit of FACE-to-FACE contact! You are talking and communicating with words and that’s not healthy! We need to spend more time with our family and friends than to just send msgs!

There are so many reasons for us to stop using blackberryz .. But as we Kuwaitis say: “our uncle is deaf “ .. we mean by that, we can talk and explain why is it bad to use a blackberry, but we won’t change our bad habits in the END!

Is it time to buy a new phone maybe?

Mad Reds – 2010

My 2nd Ezgrt Experience

They’ve DONE it again.. !!

After my first Blackberry EZGRT.com skin .. I bought their new masterpiece ..

I ordered the new (limited) Blackberry curve Manchester United skin from Ezgrt .. I’ve been waiting for a football skin from them ..
As you all know .. I’m a Manchester united fan .. so obviously I got the Manutd’s skin .. I know it’s not a all-red skin .. but still .. it’s amazing .. !!

They also have  ( Arsenal , Real Madrid, Barcelona ) skins .. !!

I want to thank Ezgrt.com for their skins .. keep up the good works guys .. !!

I’m a TRUE Manutd fan now .. thanks to Ezgrt .. !!


Cheers,  Mad Reds