[Comic book Review] Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes


After reading the ongoing (pre-flashpoint) I just wanted more and more. I always felt that Grant Morison wasn’t happy with the whole relaunch and had other plans for his ongoing, but anyways the reboot happened and I for one can’t complain because with the reboot came the opportunity to read monthly comics. Being from Kuwait, we don’t have comic book stores, so having digital monthly comics is a blessing for us comic book readers/fans.

I’ve loved what Morison did with this story and think that this one shot is a perfect cliffhanger for fans to have until the new ongoing comes out. This one shot was amazing and fun. I enjoyed the story especially Batgirl’s story with her going to this school in England, I though we needed to know what happened there. The second part of the issue was also great, Morison knows his Batman.The art was somewhat good.. with some problems. It just felt forced at times but all in all, it was ok.

What’s next now?! We know now that there’s an ongoing series but what we don’t know is that how will Morison keep on writing a story that has many of the pre-flashpoint elements, a perfect example is Stephane Brown being Batgirl! In other words, it’s going to be challenging for Morison to have this storyline in the new 52!!

Can’t wait for the new Batman Incorporated ongoing to come out!

Bo Ali