Review: 2012


A typical American movie, they discover the problem .. they bravely search for the solution and the savior .. they have all the technology and funny in every movie .. the disaster starts in America ..

This movie wasn’t an exception .. a typical bad (END of the World) movie and with a stupid myth. That the Mayans had a calender and this calender predicted the END of the world ..and as stupid as it sounds .. there are many who believe this nonsense ..

I wanted to see the movie for several reasons:
– wanted more info on this myth (unfortunately i didn’t get any from the movie)
– wanted to see peoples reaction.
– was in the Movie-night mood

I didn’t believe anything and i still don’t .. The movie didn’t explain the myth .. it was just a big picture of what could happen if the world will end ..

by the way, I hate the American-view of the world .. and the idea of being the only ones who can save it. Ironically they are destroying the world more than any one else (Global Warming)..

The drama in the movie was the only positive thing .. And how the hero saves the world in the last (Indian*) scene .. he comes out safe and walks away just like that .. typical !!!

* Indian movies: they are famous for their horrible (Unbelievable) stunts and how the hero can kill everyone without hurting himself !!

Personally, i didn’t like the movie .. too many hints .. a lot of drama going on !!

We Muslims know how the world will end .. not by a silly calender .. but with what God told us .. we know what will happen  and that’s the most important info in the history of mankind .. !!

Cheers .. Mad Reds