Keeping up with new technology is a job of it’s own. Whether it’s cell phones or laptops, if it’s new, we’ll get it. But is this concept or should I say, this new job, healthy? What are we benefiting from all these new gadgets, if we are actually benefiting from them at all? Let’s first face the facts, people now have more cell phones, laptops than ever before. Having only one cell phone is considered strange or odd! So is it healthy to have more than one phone or one laptop?!

In my opinion, it’s totally healthy to have more than one cell phone, as you can clearly see, I HAVE TWO CELL PHONES. Having both a Blackberry and an iPhone is in my opinion healthy and normal. Some say that having one phone is tiring enough, how can we have two? Well, I have a blackberry for the soul-purpose of using the BBM (Blackberry messenger). I use the iPhone for basically everything else. Whether for browsing the internet or sending messages, or anything else, I relay on the iPhone!

To be honest with you, using a phone for only one purpose (or one function) is kinda strange, but when it comes to the BBM, many can argue that it’s normal to use and buy a Blackberry just for it. The BBM in a way, keeps me in-touch with my Blackberry friends that don’t have iPhones. It’s easy and simple, and that’s the reason why people still buy Blackberries. As for the iPhone, I basically use it for everything!

This trend, having more than one cell phone is hard to duplicate (or do) when it comes to laptops. Specially if you own an Apple laptop. Because, and Apple users will back me up on this, owning an Apple laptop is enough for you. With an Apple laptop or a Macbook, you can do anything you normally do with any other laptop and more. It’s simply the best. So you don’t need to buy more than one laptop. The Macbook is basically enough.

So, we now know that we normally buy two phones but only one laptop. But when it comes to buying new phones or laptops, it’s another story. We, on average, buy a new phone every year or two. For most of us, we feel that the phone that we have is out of date or old after only using it for a year or so. Specially when there is a new phone coming out every year or even less. Personally speaking, I bought every iPhone there is to buy and relatively speaking, every Blackberry there is.

Note: While writing this post, I realized that I’ve bought a lot of cell phones!

While there are reasons to have and use more than one cell phone, I could not find any reason for buying a new phone after using the old one for a year or so. It’s pure “keeping up with the new technology” thing. But that’s fine with me. I want to keep up with all these new gadgets. I want to be up to date with these new cell phones. I enjoy having/using them. It’s not a job for me to have the latest cell phone, it’s a JOY. Not having a reason or a purpose for this thing or concept is OK for me and for many technology maniacs!

So the conclusion here is that it’s normal to have more than one gadget .. And it’s also OK to have the latest gadgets or buy new cell phones, after only using the old one for a year or so. Keeping up with all the new technologies is not a JOB, it’s a dream/goal for us 🙂 ..


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