See life, our way!

 For the past four years, The 18th Project functioned under the purpose of this slogan “See life our way”. We focused on providing our readers with a good and clear insight to our lives. Whether it’s a thought or a picture, we wanted to share everything that we can share. Now and in this post, I’m going to do exactly that, share my life with you. Not my thoughts, but literally, my life.

In other words, my life in pictures!

1. Morning Coffee!

 It can’t stress enough how important my morning coffee is! Basically I can’t function without it, can’t study, work, think, or focus before finishing my morning coffee. And although I drink all kinds/brands of coffee, I truly prefer Starbuck’s vanilla latté (shown in the picture). In the picture, is also my daily studies and AUK-related stuff. Think of it this way, my day begins with a cup of coffee!

2. Time to work, study, and learn!

As a proud AUK student, I’m simply enjoying every moment here. I love the whole learning process and all the things that comes with it. We have great, amazing professors that can change your life (if you let them). And one of the great advantages that we have, here at AUK, is that we have a great campus. A Relaxing, awesome campus that can help you study!

3. Lunch with the Family!

One of the most important things that I truly treasure is spending time with my family. And with my busy college schedule, having lunch with them is important for that main reason. And when I say lunch, I mean eating healthy food and chatting with the people I love. I enjoy their company and treasure every moment I have with them. So having said that, lunch is an event and not only a meal!

4. Reading!  

Just to be clear, reading is not a hobby, it’s a passion. And my life-long passion is reading. I spend nearly two to three hours (maybe more) reading. And although i don’t have a comfortable sofa or a lazy-chair to just sit on and enjoy reading a book, I still read and read, and read!

4. My Batcave!

Like Batman, a college student should have a cave or a corner that he can claim as his own. And Also like Batman, there should be state-of-the-art technology gadgets. You can obviously see my Batcave (and the two Batman figures protecting it). I study, work, and also write there. It’s my own space!

5. Relaxing!

With this nice weather we’re having, one the most relaxing activates that I enjoy doing is just sitting in our garden with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other! Relaxing, after a long day of work!


See life our way 🙂


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